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    Analysis of the United States Wood Industry Co., market trend

    Olon News

    ¡¡ Date:17th.OCT.2016  report by Jerry

          Broadleaf timber production on the largest country in the world - the United States, has Asia as its expanded hardwood exports a particular market. The AHEC expected, American hardwood in the next five years is expected to continue to maintain the momentum of exports to Asia grew by 23%, so that the Asian American hardwood timber imports reached 1.14 million cubic meters.

         The United States has the world's richest temperate and tropical hardwood resources, annual production of 30 million cubic meters of hardwood timber. United States Forestry Department statistics show that the broad-leaved standing timber reserves of 3.2 billion cubic meters, and its annual hardwood cultivation showed a net growth conditions. American hardwood annual export volume accounted for only less than 10% of its production capacity, but for many countries, the United States is a major supplier of broad-leaved wood.

        The United States attaches great importance to the export of hardwood, and the Asian market is divided into two regions of Northeast Asia and Greater China / Southeast Asia. Northeast Asian markets, including Japan, South Korea and Taiwan, Greater China / Southeast Asian markets, including China and Hong Kong, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand. Statistics from 1987 to 2000, imports from Asia the the sheet larger proportion supranational world average. The log imports the situation is similar, but the veneer of imports compared with Europe and other export destinations, is relatively small.

        Asia has always been a place for itself in the U.S. hardwood export markets. In 1987, the Northeast Asian region for the U.S. hardwood exports to, and in Southeast Asia last year, hardwood imports increased significantly, American Hardwood Habitat Europe after the second largest overseas exporter (Canada is not considered The overseas exporter), export volume of 12 countries, Asian countries accounted for 5. Year, the decrease in U.S. exports to Japan and Taiwan, the number of hardwood, hardwood exports to the Mainland of China has increased significantly, and the value of exports jumped, Thailand's emergence as a major export destination momentum.

         In recent years, China has gradually become the highlights of U.S. hardwood exports to Asia. The AHEC Chief Executive Officer Mike said. Sinuo the Southeast Asia and China last year reached $ 278 million in 1991 compared to $ 54 million, from the demand for American hardwood lumber and veneer. American hardwood Mainland China exports increased from one million U.S. dollars to 73 million U.S. dollars.

        In the past five years, sales of U.S. hardwood in China almost every year has doubled, Chinese consumers are growing recognition of American hardwood species and broad application space. He analyzed that due to ongoing urban housing system reform in China will stimulate the housing renovation, the Government to implement the closed forest policy prohibiting the felling of trees, and the accession to the WTO, China's timber imports will greatly increase. With China's economic growth and improve people's disposable income, coupled with the Government is committed to the development of the western region, the Chinese market for hardwood demand will continue to grow.


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