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    Seven requirements for the design of modern wooden houses

    Olon News

    ¡¡ Date:15th.OCT.2015  report by Jerry

       Modern civilization let us be trapped in the reinforced concrete jungle, in the development of environmentally friendly eco residential theme, the design of the wooden house in the house became the most popular topic. The United States of New York National Laboratory proved that: the only thing in the world can be regarded as the real green building design -- cabin design, compared with the general cement, brick structure housing energy saving 50%.

       As is known to all, trees are the opposite of breathing oxygen, inhaling carbon dioxide, which is exactly the opposite of humanity. Thus, trees are human's good friends, is a human oxygen cabin. Log cabin design with its health concept popular, log cabin design for "will breathe" and the top of the ecological environmental protection building. The wooden structure villa advantage: safety, health and comfort, environmental protection and energy saving, sound insulation, seismic durability, pest proof and moisture proof, complete function, reasonable configuration, flexible design, high usage rate, Dongnuanxialiang, daylighting is good, the construction period is short, the seasons, the advantages of beautiful appearance and natural affinity.
    Log cabin design requirements:

       First, log cabin design science humanization, technology is mature, constant innovation.
       Second, large-scale integrated chemical plant, production, skilled, short production cycle.
       Third, the wooden house design into field assembly, technical personnel experienced, skilled, high quality and high efficiency.
       Fourth, the design of many types of wooden huts, wide range of application, high customer satisfaction rate.
       Fifth, the wooden house is designed to buy, that is, to live, to exempt you from the examination and approval, decoration of the bitter.
       Sixth, the wooden designed house  coulld be removable, after-sales service and technical support in a timely manner, the investment risk is very low.
       Seventh, wooden house design to achieve the quality of three star hotel, well-equipped bathroom;


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