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    Company Rules- Olon

    Payment by T/T
    Please send email of the applicant before issuing it, to check with the bank and shipping lines for term that may cause problem in compliance to avoid unnecessary later costly amendments.
    Arisen a direct down payment on presenting the order, to start the manufacture of the full container load orders, amounting to 40% of the total invoice or total sales contract.
    The balance payment as per commercial invoices paid by the T/T (transferred after received copy of complete document) or L/C.
    Transfer can be done only through to our bank account.

    2.Payment by L/C
    The L/C should be fulfill the following this criteria (a must) to avoid later costly amendments :
    Payable at sight
    Confirmed (must be added by advising bank)
    Issued from recognized bank
    Shipment latest 2.5 month
    Credit valid for 3 month
    Expiry place is China
    Partial shipment allowed
    Transhipment allowed
    Bill of lading consigned to order of issueing bank
    Fees and banking charges are to aplicant
    Document are to be presented to advising bank
    Clearly against following document only
    Precentage credit amount tolerance +/- 10%
    L/C shoud be advised through our bank

    3.Sample Request
    We will provide the buyer with some sample as the following conditions :
    Sample transportation will be at buyer¡¯s account.
    Your own design would be most welcome and we¡¯ll be handled confidentially
    For Retail Order (maximum 10 pcs, if more than 10 pcs is same as LCL) by air fright to airport. Importers must pay the air forwarding cost.
    Cost of Furniture + Air Freight per cubic meter + Forwarder Fees if you the buyer don't want to choose air fright and choose other way ,it is ok.
    LCL (Less Container Loading) or Trial Order
    The LCL or Less Container Loading is buyer take or buy from the supplier (my company) only few pcs, less than 1 x 20 ft container. So that supplier must be shared with another company to ship the stuff or the supplier must be consolidated or mixed from another company.
    FCL (Full Container Loading)
    Buyer take or buy from my company 1 x 20 ft container or 1 x 40 ft container and the system we can used L/C or T/T
    Usually we used normally suitable packing way for goods , if you require using other packing way, please advice us first.
    1 x 20 ft container will be 6 weeks maximum.
    1 x 40 ft container will be 8 weeks maximum.
    Order will be processed after receiving copy L/C or copy transfer T/T.

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